Colors of Heroes is a 501c3 nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing outdoor experiences to veterans and their families.

About the Founders

Robb & Jennifer Gustafson

Robb on deployment
Robb on deployment
Robb on deployment

       “The enemy situation at VPB Lions Den was tough; SGT Gustafson was faced with enemy contact on an almost daily basis between the months of August and September 2009.  During one particular engagement, SGT Gustafson was struck in the helmet by an enemy projectile, narrowly avoiding a mortal wound, and yet SGT Gustafson continued the fight with his .50 Browning Machine Gun until all enemy forces were destroyed. While assigned to Vehicle Patrol Base Lion’s Den in support of the Afghan National Elections, SGT Gustafson was instrumental in the defense of the patrol base as the enemy launched a coordinated attack from three directions. SGT Gustafson immediately called for 155mm artillery support to break up the assault; the barrage was successful but SGT Gustafson would be called upon to request three more fire missions as the enemy continued the attack for nearly six hours.”

     -excerpt from Robb’s Bronze Star Medal Narrative


      The wound he sustained resulted in a traumatic brain injury. After medically retiring from the Army, with the help of his wife, Jennifer, Robb went through extensive rehabilitation including physical and cognitive therapy. In 2010, Robb and Jennifer were invited by Bob and Cathy DuHadaway to attend a deer hunt in Texas. This outdoor experience proved to be the best therapy Robb received during his recovery.  In realizing the therapeutic value of the outdoors, an idea sparked in Robb to create an outdoor foundation, which would help other families struggling with loss due to service to our country. This dream became a reality with the creation of Colors of Heroes!

Meet the Team


Founders, Robb & Jenn Gustafson


Jeff Chadd
Board Director


T.J. Pierce
Vice President
Board Director

Aurora Light
Board Director


Jim Ware


Mike Covarrubias
Board Director

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Scott Smith
Board Director